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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

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We had a great time yesterday at Far Eastern University. About 700 students came an attended the seminar. The FEU seminar is always one of my favorite events of the year–the venue is great, and (more importantly) it is a lot of fun to do a seminar for so many students. Thanks to all those students who came–some of the questions you asked will be the inspiration for some new articles on this blog.

Special thanks to the counseling staff and peer counseling group for making this happen!


  1. im one of the attendees in that seminar… that seminar for sure really enlightened the minds of my fellow, on the consequences of pre marital sex and other problems that concerns to problems in love.

    thanks for the words that uve shared to us….

  2. inspired to still pursuing to what i believe into to your blogs regarding pre marital sex and virginity…hope you could help othe people too to enlighten up their mind especially the youth now a days who are so anxious about it.. hope one of this day if you have time you can drop by to my blog im just new but im looking forward to do more and others to gain some lesson out of reading it!

    thanks you and may you continue to spread the goodnews of our Lord like what Bro. Bo is doing.


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