Cyberpunk tagged me, so here goes:

Seven Weird/Random Things about Me:

1. Weird Pets

I used to have a pet Burmese python. He was my pet from age 15 ’til I was about 25. He was about eight feet long and bigger around than my arm when he was grown. I eventually sold him because I was too busy to take care of him. I was kind of a science geek as a kid and kept lots of weird pets.

2. Birthday

I have the same birthday as my older brother: we were born on the same day, four years apart.

3. The Big Easy

I lived in New Orleans (the “Big Easy”) back in 2000-2001. I moved there to finish my theological studies and spent about a year an a half there. I used to tell my parents that it wouldn’t surprise me if the whole city ended up under water some day (nope, I don’t believe I’m a prophet—just observant). New Orleans really grew on me and I miss that city.

4. Valentine’s Day Curse

With only one exception that I can remember, I never seem to have a girlfriend around Valentine’s Day (this one coming up isn’t looking too good either). It isn’t intentional–I’m not too kuripot (cheap) to buy flowers, promise.

5. Sober for Life

I’ve never been drunk and don’t really have a desire to know what it feels like.

6. Musically Mixed Up

I really don’t like country music, even though I grew up in Alabama. My musical taste is quite eclectic, including techno, heavy metal and classical (almost everything except country).

7. Fat Chance

Believe it or not, I was a bit on the chubby side as a kid: not really “fat,” but I definitely wasn’t in very good shape. Maybe this is why I’m so conscientious about my health and body now. Speaking of which, time to go to the gym . . .

OK, I tag Tina. You’re it!!