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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

The “Apple Cult” has a New Member

Looks like I’m officially making the switch! I ordered a MacBook on ebay before I left Manila (got a pretty good deal). It arrived a few days ago, and I’ve been slowly but surely learning how to use it.

Learning the Mac OS (Leopard) is a bit of an adjustment. I have, after all, used windows for over a decade. My best friend here in the States has given me some pointers. He also became a fan after buying a MacBook.

I’m really impressed so far. This laptop’s screen and graphics are gorgeous. It’s a bit lighter and more compact than my PC laptop, so I think I’ll have an easier time carrying it around for seminars and coffee shop writing.

I’ll still be using my windows PC for some things. I’ll also install windows on my MacBook–the fact that Macs can run Windows was actually a major factor in my decision to buy one of these. There are a few programs that I just can’t run on the Mac OS (Bible study software, etc). I think I’ll be buying Parallels, a program that allows you to run windows programs within the Mac OS.

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  1. K.K. –

    Welcome to the cult…come on in, the Kool-Aid’s fine!


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