I’ve sent my manuscript to Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM) to be edited. It looks like they will be adopting the project!

There are 12 chapters that you can only read in the book. Here they are (by section):

*Confessions of a Single Campus Minister

Purity Matters:

*The Fuse—How Far is Too Far?

*Accountability: Who’s Watching Your Back?

*Masturbation: one Pastor’s perspective
(in case you are wondering, my position on this issue is similar to that of Dr. James Dobson)

*Just One Click Away—the Problem of Pornography

*Regrets and Restoration: Old Scars and New Hope

Pratical Wisdom:

*Do I Have a Soul Mate? Part 1: Soul Mate Myths

*Do I Have a Soul Mate? Part 2: How Can I Know I Have Found the Right Person?

*How Important is Physical Attraction?


*Joy in the Morning: Hope for the Heartbroken (expanded version of Morning after Mourning).

Lifestyle Issues:

*Live-in Relationships: The Counterfeit to a Covenant

Closing Chapter:
*Living by Love

I’ve also edited all of the other articles/chapters which first appeared on this website. I will not be removing any of the relationship articles from this blog, but keep in mind that the “book versions” will be superior due to professional editing.

I’m still keeping the title a “secret,” but I promise that you’ll like it. I’ll tell you in a few more weeks.

Hopefully we’ll be able to start publishing very soon. I’ll keep you posted!