Many news channels (CNN, etc) do “year in review” type programs around this time. I like to do something like this for my own life–a time of self-evaluation. I’d encourage you to do the same thing. If you need some help, just read seven questions for 2007. I wrote it as 2007 was approaching, so you’ll need to mentally change all of my “2006” references.

Allow me to share a few reflections about 2007, mostly pertaining to my blog.


I first began writing articles back in July of 2006. It has really grown since then. I had about 3,000 hits in ’06, which has grown to over 66,000 hits in ’07. Gotta love the web traffic!

Most Comments

My articles on Apollo Quiboloy, the self-proclaimed “appointed son” of God, received the most numerous and “lively” comments. I was accused by his followers of everything from having halitosis (bad breath) to being the son of the devil. Never have I encountered people who are so ignorant of the Scripture and so unwilling to honestly discuss the Scripture (this coming from someone who has debated/talked with members of numerous religions). I had to delete some of the comments (some of his followers wanted to copy and paste his propaganda on my website), and I eventually had to close the comments because they were so monotonous.

My Favorite Posts

Here are some of the ’07 “highlights” organized into topics/categories. These are just posts that I really enjoyed writing–not necessarily the most popular:

For Women: Three Stupid Words that Women Say

For Men: The Male Sex Drive, Blessing or Curse?

Devotional Thoughts: Jesus and the Turo-Turo Meal.

Funny Pictures: Men vs. Women.

Current Event/Controversies: The Truth about the “Gospel of Judas” and The “Lost Tomb of Jesus”

The Book

You (my readers) were a great inspiration and encouragement as I considered publishing a book. Some of the material was already written and posted, but it did take some extra work to take the next step (to publishing). I needed to rearrange, expand, and ad to the material that I’ve posted on the blog. I’m very pleased with the final manuscript, and I’m very excited about the book’s release. I pray that it will be a blessing to many Filipinos.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has read, made comments and passed my blog along to others. You have been a great encouragement. You have helped me to become a better writer.