A couple of my readers send their testimonies (read “disaster avoided” and two other stories for more details). I’m in a bit of a dilemma as to whether or not to include this in the book.

Here’s the deal: I think I really need more stories/testimonies if I’m going to dedicate a section of the book to this. I’d like to hear some stories about mistakes, regrets, restoration, etc. If some of you want to warn others to avoid your mistakes, this is your chance! I’d also like to hear a few stories from the guys. If you are interested in sharing, here’s how it works:

*Anything sent to me will be anonymous. I’ll even change your first name in the story if you like.

*I’ll edit the English and content. If you send the story to me, you are surrendering editorial control to me.

*I want to hear from those who are followers of Jesus. You don’t have to be a “spiritual giant,” but I want stories/testimonies from a spiritual perspective.

*Since this is a book for Filipino youth/young adults, I prefer stories from Filipinos.

*If I include your story, I’ll give you a free copy of the book once it is printed.

Email me (kuyakevin [at] gmail) if you have something you want to share (don’t post it here). Don’t waste time! If I don’t get enough testimonies very soon, I’ll simply not include this section in the book (of course, there’s always 2nd edition possibilities).