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Do I Have a Soul Mate?

I’ve finished two more articles/chapters for the book. Here’s the titles:

Do I Have a Soul Mate?
Part 1: Soul Mate Myths
Part 2: How Can I Know I Have Found the Right Person?

I’ll give you a little excerpt from Part 1:

“Soul mate” is a commonly used expression when we talk about love and romance. There’s one “small” problem for pastors like me: the soul mate is not a biblical concept. The notion, in fact, seems to come from religions that believe in reincarnation. The idea is that two souls are timelessly bound together as they pass from life to life.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t hit you over the head with the Bible for saying these two words (this special ritual is reserved for boys who go around breaking young girls’ hearts). In fact, I’ll use the expression repeatedly in this chapter. For most of us, “soul mate” simply means someone that we connect with on an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. There’s nothing wrong with desiring this, but I want to dispel a few myths and help you put things in their proper perspective. . .

You’ll have to buy the book to read the rest. Let me know what you think of the excerpt.


  1. Wow! Never knew the origin of such idea. Hmmm… Interesting. you must be wide reader. Thanks for the tidbit. Write on!

  2. The term is so widely used that it’s kind of hard to say exactly where it came from. Regardless, the idea seems to be heavily influenced from non-Christian religions.

  3. Nice one kuya (“,). Now I need to get a copy.

  4. Looks interesting. Anyway, I also don’t subscribe to an idea of a soul mate. While your reason is, apparently, mostly biblical, mine is “secular.” For me, the notion of a soul mate frees you from real responsibility and commitment. You lose steam in the middle of a relationship, and you have as justification the claim that you weren’t soul mates in the first place.

    While the soul mate notion is “romantic”, I just don’t think it jives with what real love is.

    (saw your post in PEX)

  5. qtymorena12 KKBforum

    12/10/2007 at 9:28 pm

    hi kuya.. i like this article of yours.. how can i have it? im miles away from the philippines =S

  6. Just keep reading the blog and I’ll let you know when the book comes out. I believe that CSM does send the publications to overseas Pinoys. Let me know if you have a hard time finding it.

  7. Kevin:

    Thank you for your insights… I wanted to add that from my elementary understanding of Jungian psychology, a soul mate is not necessarily a companion or romantic partner, but more specifically a person who intensely reflects back to us our ‘shadow’, the hidden aspects of ourself. So then, the purpose of a soul mate could be adversarial, but at the end of the day, the soul mate’s purpose is help us come to terms with our hidden self, thereby tempering our soul.

    By this definition, and for those us who are Christian, we have to ask ourselves if a soul mate is even necessary given that the Trinity does a pretty good job of dealing with our rebellious souls…

    Just some thoughts and may the Lord bless your book!

  8. nice blog

  9. i believe we all have soul mates

    if i remember what i read..soulmates doesn’t necessarily mean na un ung lifetime partner mo

    it can be ur bestfriend, ur mother, ur father, ur sister, ur brother, ur spouse or simply ur daughter or your son…

    nevertheless, i agree with your definition Kuya Kevs..=)

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