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Should I Publish a Book?

Hey guys,

I’m seriously considering publishing a book with my articles from the blog. Why would I do this when folks can just read the blog? Here’s a few reasons:

*I would do my best to make sure the book is inexpensive–under 100 pesos. I’m not really concerned with making a profit, as long as I can recover my initial investment in the publishing.

*If the price is kept low, students could have their own copy for about the same price as surfing the web for a few hours.

*It would be a nice little inexpensive gift for teenagers and young adults–something you can’t do with my blog. Handing someone a website address for their birthday is quite kuripot.*

*The book would have a few things not in the blog. The articles may be expanded or the book might have a few articles not published on the blog.

*There are lots of students who do not consistently have internet access that could benefit from these articles.

*If the book sells, it could generate some much-needed revenue for our student ministry.

*It would be a good way to bless Filipino students and young adults.

So what do you think? I need your honest opinion. Do you guys think students would actually buy a reasonably-priced book with my blog articles? Is the market already flooded? Don’t be afraid to give me the American Idol Simon treatment here if I’m being delusional.

*Kuripot is a Tagalog word meaning “stingy.”


  1. I was thinking of that before but always forgot to suggest 🙂

  2. GO GO GO kuya kevin…im sure people will buy your already mentioned that its going i guess theres nothing wrong. I’ll really buy it if ever you’ll publish a book. Honestly, I’ve learned a lot from your blog. So your our money would not really go to waste in case we buy one. Its also going do be our handy dandy..placing it inside our bag for sort of resources.

  3. Hi! I wish you could publish your book ASAP, I could buy a lot and give them as a Christmas present to my teen friends and cousins.

    I’m 34 yet I enjoy reading your blogs , I first heard about this from Perfect Rhythms. I’ve been reading your blogs since then and shared it even with my american male chatmates from who came to me to ask for a sisterly advice.

    God bless and more power!


  4. Hi Sheila,
    Thanks for your encouragement. I’m pretty sure it will not be ready by Christmas, but maybe by Valentine’s 🙂

    The problem is that the book is not ready. I have a rough draft manuscript, but I have more articles to write.

    Thanks again. The encouragement I’ve received has inspired me to get a lot more serious about this book.

  5. Hello Kuya Kevin, great day po! You are an expression of God’s love to the people. Christ is at work in you and what he has to share through you is what the world is longing for.

    “The beauty of the BRIDE/BODY of CHRIST is the image of the SON and the image of the SON is the LOVE of the FATHER.”

  6. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. It’s a great idea!!

    Iniisip ko kasi na iprint ang mga blogs mo para mabasa din ng iba na hindi nag-su-surf sa internet.

    Kung may book na, okay na okay. di ko na kailangang mag-print pa. Bibili na lang ako ng book mo.

  8. why not!!! I’ve a learned a lot from your blog and I think this will benefit those who doesnt have internet connection. I hope I can get a copy of the book pagbalik ko dyan sa Manila by next year and I will bring some of that here in Kuwait for my friends.

  9. Yah, kuya Kevs go for it! Your book would be a great ally to many young people especially those who couldn’t use the net. For HIS glory! More blessings po!

  10. i think you should really publish a book .. you’re a great blogger and i’m sure everyone has lessons that had learned on your blogs .. well then, if God was really pushing you to publish a book, i’m sure He will be glorified if you would .. i’ll really buy your book even it will be expensive though .. you’re blessed kuya kevin and i’m sure people feel blessed too whenever they’re reading your blogs!

  11. Hi Kevin, I find your blog interesting. How about selling your book to a publisher? That way, you won’t worry about the cost of publishing a book–leave that to the publisher. You’ll just have to polish your manuscript and the publisher will do the rest. God bless!

  12. Thanks Viva. I’m working with a publisher right now. The book will be released soon 🙂

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