Sorry if I sound like an “ugly American,” but I have to say that the sports channels have STUNK lately. In past years I could usually catch an NFL football game Monday and Tuesday morning. Now that we are in semester break my schedule is flexible. I have time to watch it, but where is it? I see more commercials advertising football games than actual football games.

Monday morning here is Sunday afternoon in the States. This means that somewhere there is an NFL game playing—LIVE. Here’s what I found a couple of weeks ago on a Monday morning:

ESPN: dogs running through obstacle courses
Star Sports: Australian rules football, presumably a rerun
“Balls” TV: Rerun of a 1980’s basketball game
Solar Sports: Tennis, presumably a rerun

Other “exciting” things I’ve seen on the sports channel on Monday/Tuesday. Keep in mind these are all reruns:

Golf (arguably the most boring sport ever invented)
Drag racing (cars racing in a straight line for five seconds—yawn)
Hip-Hop Abs Informercial (like Tae Bo, but gayer)

Maybe one day live football will return to the Philippines.