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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Alabama Couple Celebrates 80th Wedding Anniversary

I read about some interesting news from my home State. A couple from Scottsboro, Alabama recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. This makes one of the longest recorded marriages in history. Alonzo and Beulah Sims married when they were teenagers and spent most of their lives doing farm work. They now live together in a nursing home. “After all these years,” Alonzo said, “I still enjoy being with her.” I watched a video interview in which he leaned over in his wheelchair and gave his wife a kiss (who was also in a wheelchair). Great story!

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  1. God has been so good to these couple, only a few can reach this age and can still be together and still happy.
    That is what true love is, it stands the test of time.

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