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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Believing in the Tooth Fairy

I really get amused at the conclusions that some scientists make. Yesterday I saw an article claiming that a “million year old tooth” had been found. I had to wonder how in the world they know it is millions of years old.

Indiana Jones versus the Cave Men?

I used to believe that it took millions of years to create a fossil–UNTIL I came across this picture of a fossilized hat. Yes, that’s right–this is a fossilized hat. Given the right conditions, a fossil can form in a few decades. The flood recorded in Genesis would have created ideal conditions for the creation of fossils.

Now I believe that the earth is much younger than scientists claim. I also believe that the six days of creation in Genesis were literal days. I just don’t see any compelling reason to interpret the Bible any other way. Will I ever change my mind again? Maybe, but you’ll have to show me more evidence than a fossilized tooth.

It doesn’t bother me if any of you disagree with me on this. There are many Christians who think the creation story in Genesis is a type of metaphor. I used to think this way, and back then I loved Jesus just as much as I do now. I just want to challenge those of you who have put too much faith in flawed “scientific” reasoning.

To read more about the fossilized hat, click here.
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  1. Bro Kevin,
    the church i grew up in had a number of atomic reseaqrch scientists in it who held to an early earth. They told me that the two hundred scientists (mainly non christian) that work at their organisation (Lucas Heights) were gathered in one day for a conference with some evolutionary biologists, who laughed them off the premises.
    It would be wrong to say that scientists agree with evolution. Many many do not. Many hold to an early earth because of the amount of Nickel in the ocean and on the moon which is only found there through cosmic dust fall out. There just isn’t enough to validate an age over 20,000 years.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I’ve changed the wording to say “some scientists.” Regardless, it seems that evolution and an old earth are usually presented as the scientific view.

  3. I saw that article about million year old tooth. I didnt believe that for a second. I’ve watched the seminar about “The Age of the Earth” by Dr. Hovind. He said that the age of the earth is more or less 6,000 years old. He showed proofs that the earth can never be more than 10,000 old. He used the Bible and God’s creation like moon, comets and humanpopulation to prove it. If you want to find more here’s his website

  4. I also used to believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old and that Genesis speaks of six literal days. (Read a lot of Duane Gish o flood geology and the works of the Institute of Creation Research in my younger days). Today, not anymore. But it doesn’t in anyway mean that I dont trust the bible as God’s word. It means I respect it more than ever before. Genesis is not a scientific workbok. It is a theological piece of work with a theological point: that all created reality came as a result of the creative act of a creative supernatural being. The writers/redactors of Genesis were up against a Babylonian cosmology that told a different story. The Genesis writers/editors did not have access to the kind of “scientific knowledge” we have today. So they can only write from their own cultural-historical milieu. Other wise, their readers would have understood them.

  5. Hi Kevz,
    You don’t need to be a literalist to read Genesis properly. One problem with the 6 literal days is that only in the fourth creative period did God mark the days. So before the sun, there’s no way to say that the first three creative periods would equal to 72 hours. בקר and ערב serves as the markers for the יום mentioned all throughout chapter 1. The question is, should יום be made equal to 24 hours throughout? I don’t believe it had to. I agree with anonymous above in saying that Moses utilized the current vocabulary available to him when he wrote this, in a way that would communicate better to his recipients. At the time of Moses, בקר and ערב are already established markers of היום.
    And I would like to end this comment with this:


    Ptr. Mhac

  6. Hey bro,

    I didn’t say the literal interpretation makes someone more devout or scholarly.

    My point is not that everyone has to agree with me. I’m simply saying that much of the “evidence” for evolution and an millions-of-years-old-earth is flawed at best.

    I personally can’t find any compelling reason to interpret the “day” as anything other than a 24 hour period. I believe God Himself was the light for the first few days of creation. I believe He intentionally waited a few days to create the sun, knowing that many false religions would later worship the sun.

    Just my thoughts. Thanks for reading and blessings on your ministry!

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