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Tell Us Your Story–True Stories from my Readers


This is the story of one of the students I met while doing True Love Waits last year. The story is real, but I’ve changed the name:

“Jerry” was my school mate back in grade school. He was very athletic, part of the soccer team, and very popular. We lost contact after graduating from grade school. Our common friend passed away and I saw Jerry again after three years. I wasn’t expecting to see him there at the wake. He got my number from my nephew, who was also there at the wake. A few days later he called the house and we reminisced about the friend who passed away. He then asked me out. We went out a few times (but it was with friends).

Jerry was not studying at this time. His family was having financial problems and he also had discipline problems (he got in many fights because he was in a fraternity). His family’s financial problems were made worse because his brother got someone pregnant.

The day before my school’s Christmas break, he picked me up from school. I was dressed up, but he was wearing just his pambahay (casual house clothes) and he had no slippers! “We are going to my house so I didn’t dress up,” he said. I also discovered that he didn’t bring his driver’s license! Regardless, we were able to reach the condominium safely. He introduced me to his frat brothers and his siblings. I then met his mom, who just gave me a look then went on with what she was doing.

For some reason we were left alone in the condominium. He put pressure on me to have sex and I said “no.” I honestly wasn’t thinking about God, purity, or holiness then. I was more concerned that if I become pregnant, it wouldn’t look good because I was so skinny. I also “saw” in my mind the faces of the people that would be disappointed if we I choose to have premarital sex.

Some time later, I was on the internet and he happened to be logged in at the same time. He dumped me online. What a very cheap way to get dumped! So there I was, crushed—couldn’t believe what just happened. About a week after, I saw his Friendster picture with another girl. I read her testimonials for him. It said he was so fun to be with: they spend hours “drinking and smoking and talking about a lot of things.” She wrote those things when Jerry and I were still together. Conclusion: I was two-timed. Another stab for me.

A few months later, somebody told me that he got the girl pregnant and they moved to the province. He was just looking for somebody he could fool to give in. I’m grateful that the Lord protected me.

Don’t take it lightly or ignore it if somebody pressures you to have sex. Even if it’s just jokes or very slight hints. It just means he doesn’t respect you and doesn’t care about your future. Be discerning on every statement. Don’t be afraid to end the relationship if it’s not pleasing to the Lord. Your offering of obedience will please Him, and you will be spared from unnecessary pains and heartache.

Do you have a story that you think others could learn from? Feel free to email it to me (I’ll edit the story and change the names).


  1. good thing too! eh who is telling the story? i know its a girl for she was nearly gonna get pregnant. but i dont see her name lolz

  2. nice story.. i pray every girl will be as brave as her..

  3. I left her name out intentionally.

  4. for a minute, my reaction was… WHOA! ah… girl pala sya.. i thought kevin was the one telling the story…

    i hope a lot of filipinas read this.

  5. It was a sad story, but very brave. I do believed that God will always protects us, Christians. I too have a common story to tell.

  6. If you have a story, feel free to email it to me. I will not publish your name.

  7. Kuya Kevin, you already know me but I still want to share my stories. How can I share my story to you anonymously? This is not my real name. -jam

  8. “Jam,”
    The easiest way is to email me: kuyakevin [at] gmail. I will keep your name and email confidential.

    I usually edit the stories just a little–changing the wording just a little here and there.

    You can also post your story here on the blog and I’ll copy and paste it.

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