Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

A Man with Two Homes

I have previously mentioned my status as a walking contradiction. Below is a journal entry that I wrote back in 2005 during a Christmas vacation to the States. I think about these types of things every time I visit here in the States:

Living in the Philippines has changed me—as if I am no longer fully American, but not Filipino either. I feel completely at ease in both places, but completely at home in neither. When I’m in the States I think about the relationships I have left on the other side of the globe. The same is true for my time spent in the Philippines. My emotional ties stretch across the globe, stretching me in the process.

I laugh at Filipinos when they use the word “cold,” and laugh at Americans when they use the word “traffic.”

I enjoy the ease at which I can drive down the country roads of my home town. I enjoy the ease at which I can make new friends in my beloved Philippines.

I do not understand how some Filipinos can buy a tiny packet of shampoo that has only one or two day’s use. I do not understand some Americans’ obsession with acquiring excess material wealth.

I am admirer, lover, and critic of both cultures. I am a man with two homes. It is both a blessing and a predicament.


  1. L.O.L 🙂

  2. yeah i also dont get why ameicans go for wealth. maybe the church should put missionaries in even the most civilized places coz they are the most stubborn to bring back to God

  3. Dear Kuya Kevin,
    I abhor to see americans, europeans even filipinos waste, water and food. I do not undestand why americans have so much to waste and the Africans so little to eat I do not understand why americans are sending astronauts to the moon, and the Africans can not even walk a mile because they are hungry or dying.
    I do not understand why americans and europeans have outrageous fashion shows, and the Africans almost nothing to wear.
    Oh God please help me to understand.
    Cita Garcia

  4. you know kuya, I was just thinking if Ms. Julia Campbell already felt what you had felt when you’re away from your home and stay here in the Philippines.

  5. kuya kevin,

    yeah i suppose you got some point to that.and as a Filipino, I’m proud of it.but it was just on one side of what you have figured out, after all i believe that Filipinos are of different faces.otherwise there’s is no place like home.God bless


  6. kuya kevin,

    I am glad that you admire the Philippines somehow. Many of the “kano” posting so alot of negative comments about Ph in the rants and raves of craigs manila… maybe you could rant them…

    Pinoy Pride

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