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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Radio and LRT Adventure

I had an incredible afternoon! Allow me to share a humorous commuting experience before I thank the folks at DZAS.

The Stink Train

The commute to the radio station turned out to be quite amusing. I rode the LRT part of the way there. For those who are unfamiliar with Metro Manila, the LRT is the train–like a subway but built high above the roads. Theoretically, it is a convenient way to get from “point a” to “point b.” I said “theoretically” because my riding experiences have varied greatly. Sometimes the train is not too crowded and the air conditioner keeps passengers comfortable. Sometimes the train is absolutely packed and the air conditioner isn’t working too well. At times like this I am thankful for the Filipino’s impeccable personal hygiene (many Filipinos bathe twice a day).

I stepped on the train this afternoon, and I was relieved to feel the cold air inside. My relief quickly turned to disgust. As we left the station I realized that the entire car smelled like dog poo. I looked down and checked my shoes, wondering if I had accidentally carried something “extra” in the car with me. My fellow passengers were all holding their noses as we suffered and laughed together. I saw other passengers go through my same experience as they boarded–smiling, frowning, and then checking their shoes as they realize they’d entered a stink trap. I giggled intensely to myself–I almost cried from laughing (or maybe it was the smell). My greatest fear was that the smell would get in my clothes and I would nauseate everyone in the radio station. I’ve never been so happy to jump into a jeepney and smell the pollution of Manila.

The Radio Interview

I had a wonderful time with the radio show. LJ (the host) cracked a few jokes before we started–this helped me not be so nervous (remember, I’m a little shy sometimes). We got started and the two hours really flew by. I was so blessed by the listeners’ comments. I also enjoyed the opportunity to minister through answering their questions. I ended the interview by saying a prayer for our listeners, especially the students.

Thanks to everyone who listened. Special thanks to LJ and DZAS for inviting me! I’d love to come back!


  1. i always enjoyed riding the LRT train. aside from the “experiences” of riding it, you get to see the essence of manila: old buildings in avenida, the busy streets of quiapo, the pasig river…

    aawww. its so nice to reminisce about my heydays in UP Manila. i love manila. heck, i grew up in it! it would be weird not love it. 🙂

    congrats on the radio gig!

  2. my office’s firewall blocked the radio stream 🙁

  3. Sorry to hear that. I think I’ll be back on the air soon (they actually invited me back). Maybe next time you can bring an AM radio w you 🙂

  4. LRT=Losing Respiration Totally.
    That sums my total LRT experience during college. 🙂

    I missed that radio show. I was hoping they would record it somehow.


  5. Looks like I’ll be on the show again later this month. The brave folks actually invited me back 🙂

  6. funny this train tale :D,

    I remember my LRT rides. I didnt need to lift my foot to either get in or out because it was so crowded. Stand still and before you know it, people have ushered you in and out-without their knowing! What I enjoyed about the rides (believe me, there is a favorite part there-riding in canned, jampacked sweat) was viewing the roofs in the Chinese cemetery. Strange, I looked forward seeing those.

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