Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Manila’s Silent Epidemic . . .

. . . and why silence is not the solution.

According to the State of the Philippine Population report, there is a very disturbing trend here in Manila. Almost four out of ten young people are deciding to engage in premarital sex (the highest rate of premarital sex in the Philippines is right here). This means almost forty percent of our young people will put themselves at risk of experiencing the spiritual, emotional, and physical consequences of having sex outside of marriage.

Pastors, youth workers, educators, parents—we must wake up! Silence and avoidance are no longer options with this issue! This young generation is living in a world full of sexual messages, images, and misinformation. It is our responsibility to teach them God’s plan for sexuality.


  1. We’re not surprised. People have nothing to believe but the media (everything they see,hear and read -all showbiz to divert the attention of people from the real situation in the country.)
    sigh, us who works abroad are wearied inthe hope that our country will ever become right. Come see Hk which is not a Christian country yet, progresses fast. It is clean and orderly. sighs.

  2. I agree… but i believe EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE for THIS… media, politicians, pastors, parents, church workers, even the YOUNGSTERS like myself, whom are the subjects involved, are responsible! …for it’s how our (the youth’s) heart and mind responds… as influenced by EVERYTHING in our environment. Finding the ROOT of the problem is hard… as Dr. House said, if u can’t figure the diagnosis, then TREAT THE SYMPTOMS… let’s be FIRM advocates…

  3. One very common problem about this was the sElling of pornographic materials everywhere in the street. such as Cubao, quiapo, tutuban and many public places that even a 7 year old boy who have 20 peso bill in his pocket can buy one. and even if they dont have money they are free to browse that will make themselves curious and be engage on it sooner. pirated CD are bad but I think we can not do something about this issue, So I think it better to let this pirated be legal but in return pirated vendor must promise not to sell phornographic materials even if the buyers are adults.

  4. Why do we try sooo hard to be Western or European (sorry, no offense meant)

    We are Asians, We keep forgetting we are Filipinos.. Engaging in premarital sexual intercourse has always been out of the question.

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