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Lunch with a Beauty Queen: The Testimony of Attorney Zorayda Ruth Andam

Today I had the honor of having lunch with Attorney Zorayda Andam (Ms Philippines 2001).

Zorah and I first became friends and met a couple of years ago (2005). I had heard about her through mutual friends, so I contacted her and asked her if she would send her testimony to me (to be used in True Love Waits). She agreed and sent some of her devotional thoughts regarding purity. We met for lunch so I could personally thank her for her help. Zorah lived up to all the good things I had heard about her. I asked her to tell me about winning Ms Philippines. Faith and a sense of divine purpose were obvious elements in her story of joining the pageant.

Around the time of our first lunch, I remember that I had just learned that one of my devotionals would be published in Voices of the Faithful. Zorah was awaiting the results of the bar exam.

We had a lot of catching up to do today, and it was wonderful to hear what God has done in her life. Zorah is now an attorney, and she continues to use her talents and status to serve God.

Here’s the testimony that Zorah shared with me a couple of years ago:

“I remember a time that someone as dear to me as a little sister got pregnant. I was shocked.”

“This painful truth caused me all the more to hold strong to my commitment to sexual purity—to preserve myself for the man I’m going to marry.”

“Keeping yourself pure is deciding to experience true freedom.”*

Zorah has remained committed to purity—she is a wonderful example for young women to follow.

*For my readers here in the Philippines: You can read more of Zorah’s devotionals in the Women on the Journey devotional series—a compilation of devotionals written by Filipinas. I highly recommend Walking On: The Best of Women on the Journey.


  1. Kevin,
    I enjoy keeping up with you from the comfort of “Mayberry”. (Barney, and Andy say “HI!”). Thank you for boldly carrying the message of sexual purity to a generation that hears everything except purity. Blessings my good friend.


  2. Thanks for reading, John!

    For my readers, John was my youth pastor during my teenage years.

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