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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Tell Us Your Story

For one of my last (or maybe the last) “Valentine’s Day related” post, I would like to hear your stories/testimonies.

*Are you saving your virginity for your future spouse? Tell us about it!

*Are you happily married after waiting on God’s timing? Tell us about it!

*Was your heart broken by choosing not to wait? Are you a single parent because of a bad decision? Tell us about it so others can learn from your mistake.

*Did you experience a “second chance” to do things right after making a mistake? Yes, tell us about it!

You can email me or post here. I will not publish your name without your permission.

We’ll see how this goes. I’ll read the posts and publish them here immediately (as long as they are appropriate). I will edit, compile, and post emails in a few days. For blogger users, remember that you need to be signed out if you want to post anonymously.If you create a post while signed in, I will assume that you want it published as such.


  1. Kuya Kevin, will you tell us your story too? Happy Valentine’s Day

  2. Perhaps I’ll share my testimony in a few days. Thanks for asking 🙂

  3. 1. What does “True” mean?
    The one who from God or the one who I love truly? How do I distinguish the one who is from God?
    2. What does “Love” mean?
    The one God loves or the one I love?
    3. What does “Wait” mean?
    Wait = do not have sex before marriage? Can we call the people who try a boy/girl this week, look for another one after few weeks, chat very hard with a special someone and pray hard for the one from God a “waited” people? Because of they did not have sex before the marriage? “Wait” should have more meaning than that right?

  4. For question 1-2:
    God guides us to make the best choice regarding our “special someone.” If He is somehow telling you not to be with someone, it is in your own best interest to obey.

    We simply have to pray, be patient, get advice from others, and God will help us make a wise choice. He will not send you someone that you will not love.

    Question 3:
    Yes, waiting means more than just not having sex. It means that we try to honestly look for God’s choice; not having a new boyfriend/girlfriend every week.

  5. First of all, I would like you to know what a great source of information and knowledge your blog is. =D Hey, I’m inspired to tell other people to do weights now! XD

    I guess it’s pretty hard to know whether the one we are with is the one whom God has chosen for us. I mean, do we have to wait for the perfect girl/guy (in character, spirit, looks, maturity or anything else that matters to us) to come along before we say that he/she is the one for us? That would be quite impossible wouldn’t it? Since nobody on earth is perfect. WE all have our flaws in our character and so on.

    I’m no couple now. Just a single, 17 year old kiddo =P (though someone has already won my heart XD). Yeah, sure I would practice abstinence before marriage, considering the consequences of not practicing it. You know, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the first person we fall in love with is the one God has chosen for us? Save us a lot of heartbreak. =)

    Happy Valentines Day Kuya Kevin. God bless!

  6. Hi Tim, thanks for reading!

    Here’s your question:
    I mean, do we have to wait for the perfect girl/guy (in character, spirit, looks, maturity or anything else that matters to us) to come along before we say that he/she is the one for us?

    Of course there are no “perfect” people out there. I think when we meet the right person, there is simply something about that person that compliments us in many ways.

    At your age (17) be very careful about getting emotionally involved with someone. Please read my article entitled “What is the right age for a Relationship?”

  7. Tell us your story first

  8. Patience–I will in a few days.

  9. Yeah, i know that. Trying to take it easy now, u know, as friends? Yes, I’m conscious of my age. But sometimes emotion does leak out u know. It’s not like we 17 year olds can fully suppress our emotions right? I mean, you were a teenager before, u should know right? =)

    I guess I’ll just be conscious of my age and take it easy now and trust my relationships with others in the future with God. That’s okay right?

  10. Yes, I can remember what it was like to be a teenager.

    You seem to have the right idea on how to handle life–just continue to follow the Lord and you won’t go wrong.

  11. Do you think you are saving yourself? You are in requieted / unrequieted process, Can you call that “wait”?

    Dear Mr/Ms Anonymous,
    Please email me if you have a question or comment. Your posts are not making any sense and I don’t believe they are helpful to my readers.

  12. Here’s an email from Christine:

    I wrote letters to my future husband since I was an early teenager. I gave my husband those letters the week of our wedding. I shared with him the struggles I had and the commitment I made to save my first kiss for our wedding day. I will have to say that waiting has been well worth it! I have been married for one year and 9 months. I had some hard times as I waited. I was tempted many times to give my heart away, to push the boundries and do what “felt right” at the time. I resisted and trusted that God’s way was right and He knew better than me.

    I praise the LORD for hand-picking my mate. He is 7 years older and he too saved himself for me. We met as missionaries in Africa and now live in California. We look forward to serving overseas again, but until then we are sharing where we are.

    Kevin, I am blessed by you. When we first met, before you went to the Philippines and I went to Africa, I knew that the woman God chooses for you would be blessed. Thank you for treating me with honor and respect and for guarding my heart.

    Thanks, Christine!!

  13. hi kuya kevin i bought your “learning the hard way” book that’s why i got to know your blog site. God bless you more keep up the good work!

  14. Thanks for visiting, Fritz!

  15. When I was younger. My mind setting if ever I have my first boyfriend I want to make sure that He will be my future spouse But time goes by now I am 31 years old never had experience to have a love one maybe because of my mind setting. But sometimes it comes to my mind why I not try to have a relationship once (sometimes I blame my self) if the relationship will works or not (even I had a feeling to a guy never ever tried because I was disappointed, maybe because of the qualities they have, (I’m not choosy ha, I am just a simple woman lol). Honestly I also want to have a happy family is that just out of 1000 man there is only 1 man who can meet the qualities woman looking for (God Fearing, stable, responsible,loving and etc. But according to other people once your age is in 30’s the chances to have a husband/wife become lesser. Sometimes being single is best rather than having a husband who injured you physically and emotionally where it happened most of the time to the couple

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