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Going to the Gym in ’07?

A couple of weeks ago I heard that the number one New Year’s resolution of Filipinos is to exercise. If the gym where I go is any indication, it seems that this is true. I work out at Bodimetrix Fitness, located by the YMCA pool near SM Manila (this picture is not from my gym; it is just a random internet picture). Last night I noticed a lot of people there; quite a few new ones. It was great to see everyone working out and there was a lot of energy in the gym.

I want to give two suggestions to anyone who is starting ’07 by working out.

1. Stick with it–give it a chance. Try working out for at least a month or six weeks in order to get used to it. Lifting weights sort of feels “unnatural” at first, and it also makes you very sore. This causes some people to give up too quickly.

It has been a long time since I have experienced this “new trainee” sensation (or anything like it). I remember I had surgery on one of my shoulders about ten years ago. I had to stay out of the gym for about six weeks. Upon returning, my first workout felt awkward and uncomfortable. I knew that I’d quickly readjust, so I was back on track within a few weeks.

After a few weeks you will not get as sore after every workout. You will also learn to enjoy your time in the gym.

2. Use the mirror or the tape measure, not the scale. Do not evaluate your progress by weighing yourself. When I trained my female friends I used to tell them to stay away from the scale for a month or so. Here’s why: if you train properly, you will ad muscle while losing fat. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat. Your body composition (muscle to fat ratio) can change drastically without big changes in weight. You may lose inches from your waist while seeing only small weight changes. Remember that adding muscle is a good thing–the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn 24/7 (even while sleeping).

If any of you want to meet me at the gym just let me know. Hope to see you there!

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  1. amphitrite redmist

    05/11/2007 at 5:06 pm

    Hi. I used to be a swim everyday at YMCA pool when I was still a varsity swimmer. I’m not a big fan of gyms though, I like swimming better. Great blog by the way!

  2. kuya i know this piece was written a year or so ago? I read it just today. One reason why i dread going to the gym is seeing people who were once gym buffs bloat now that they no longer go to their gyms. I ve seen an athlete when I was in college. She used to be so trim. She is a gymnast and later on, was into martial arts. After sometime, I saw her big and quite bloated. She took a rest from her sport thats why. How much more stopping going to the gym? I might bloat immediately. I saw this in my friend too. She gained a few pounds when she stopped going to the gym. Does this mean that once you go to the gym, you’d have to do it for a lifetime and make it part of your lifestyle? Thanks in advance for the reply.

  3. Anonymous,

    Muscle cannot turn into fat–this is simply impossible.

    If we become inactive, then we burn less calories and our bodies can store more fat. Your friends probably just reverted to whatever shape they would be in if they had never worked out.

    It is possible that your gymnast friend restricted her calories too much, which slowed down her metabolism.

    Here’s my point: You will be much better off by going to the gym. You are essentially arguing that going to the gym will make you fatter–come on 🙂

    Please see my article entitled Four Fitness Myths.

  4. what could be the cheapest way to be trim? cant afford to go to the gym for now.. which is better, rice or bread?

  5. There’s not really that much difference they are both carbohydrates. The best strategy is to limit your carbohydrate intake and always eat some kind of protein along with the carbs.

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