Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Poem: Message in a Bottle

I have been known to write poetry on occasion. Below is a poem I wrote years ago. I was thinking about prayer and our attitude/approach to prayer. Sometimes we treat prayer as a message in a bottle–something we never really expect to be answered. I thought about this and the imagery of James 1:6 as I wrote.

Message in a Bottle

I put a message in a bottle
Threw it in an ocean wave
I imagine it will not be read
My troubled soul it will not save

For it must travel many miles
Through many perils it must pass
No wind or sail to aid its journey
Just a vessel made of glass

So I said nothing too important
And I wrote no urgent plea
For I imagine that my message
Shall be lost in this great sea


  1. Nice to know you are also a poet. This is a different version for “the bottle in the message”. Hope you enjoy it.

    Putting a message in a bottle
    Suring in an ocean wave
    Stretching my hand to the bottle
    Noticing my love disappeared in a swirl

    Coming a message in a bottle
    Floating in a ocean wave
    Stretching my heart to the bottle
    Noticing his love is roaming in a wind

    Walking along to the beach
    Founding the message in a bottle
    Opening the bottle with shaking hands
    Noticing he is my true love

  2. Good poem. I would suggest that you use “finding” instead of “founding” in the last stanza. “Founding” is only used as an adjective; as in “founding fathers,” etc.

  3. reminds me of Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle-

  4. Where’s the poem about the child who sat on your lap? something like that.. I can’t find it. I read it long time ago.

  5. I think it’s on my other website. Email me and I’ll tell if you if I can find it.

  6. Yes, you can use it, just mention my website.

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