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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Movie Review: The Nativity Story

I just got in from watching The Nativity Story. I think this is the perfect movie to watch during this holiday season.

Is it Scripturally accurate? Well, not 100%. The Magi, for example, are portrayed in the traditional manner (see my blog post on the Magi for more information about common Christmas myths). This inaccuracy and others did not ruin the movie for me–the “three wise men” were actually enjoyable characters.

I was struck by the humble (sometimes harsh) circumstances of Mary and Joseph. The movie gave a thought-provoking dramatization of their lives and of the ancient world in which they lived.

Before watching this movie I visited, a website that I commonly visit in order to pre-scan movies. Most of the critics did not like this movie, and I can’t say that I am terribly surprised. Here’s the simple rule for this movie: if the story of Jesus inspires you, this movie will inspire you. Ignore the critics and go see it.

One final consideration: the movie opens with Matthew 2:16-18 (Herod’s order to kill the male children in Bethlehem). While the scene is not graphically violent, it may be a disturbing for young children. It may be a good idea to distract kids or have them wait until this scene is over before entering the theater.


  1. Better catch it before the two week long All-Filipino Movie Festival aka “Metro Manila Film Festival” – hmm, maybe I’ll just catch it on DVD after Christmas. Kuya Kevin, Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. :0)

  2. Try to catch it next week in theaters if you can. Thanks for ready and blessings to you too!

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