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I’m starting something new on my blog–ASK KUYA KEVIN. You can ask for personal/spiritual advice, a question about the Bible, or a question about something I have shared in True Love Waits. JUST POST ANONYMOUSLY OR EMAIL THE QUESTION IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR NAME TO APPEAR.

You can also email the question if you want and I will post it if I like the question. ALL EMAILED QUESTIONS WILL BE ANONYMOUS–I WILL NOT PUT YOUR NAME IN THE QUESTION ON THE BLOG. I think I will choose a “Question of the Week” from the emails.

We’ll see how the response goes. If it seems to be helping you guys then I’ll keep doing it.


  1. kuya, where will i post my question?

  2. Congrats, you just did! You can post it here on the blog or email it in.

  3. Kuya Kevin I have a question…is there any possibility that a person may fall in love w/ just a picture he/she have seen?sounds just infatuation right? well, it happend to me, and the guy doesnt look attractive to me (so i fell inlove not bcoz he is cute or handsome).i know i should pray first, im just confused…i need comment pls, thanks !

  4. You are correct–it is simply infatuation.

    You should NEVER get too emotionally involved with someone you have not met in person. You simply do not know him/her unless you have met in person.

    Kung hindi mo siya kilala mabuti, impossible sabihin na mahal mo siya.

  5. spikaprocopia

    10/08/2006 at 5:18 pm

    Hi Kuya Kevin How are you?can i ask u a question? hope u help me with this…(lovelife).

    Im praying to God specifically abt what i wanted in a relationship…i had a boyfriend b4 , but lasted for only a few months after
    that i became cautious (i think everyone should be right?). I have prayed for three traits of a guy which is very important to me…many likes me but i see them as only a friend.Theres this guy who wants to marry me , a believer of Christ,he loves God so much , and definitely a mature christian guy, i like someone who is matured spiritually… but im praying for 3 things,and he got only one of those, he is nice and now im wondering if i should still hold on to my prayers since we have same faith. The thing is he is too old for me(almost double of my age) and he is divorced (here in philippines theres no divorce ,got an idea?)… yea ur right… honestly i dont like divorced guy, but God is a God of a second chance…i must consider.
    Should i still wait for my prayers to be answered or just give it up and think that maybe he is the right one for me?
    Last night he called me and i told him to pray for us first (bcoz im holding on to my prayers and that is my faith, so i cant decide immediately), then he told me if we could pray now i said yes, we acknowledged God and His will for us( i like it when we both prayed together).. and now im waiting for the next thing to happen.

    I need comment Kuya what should i do?

    For now im looking suggestions, comments, (or any violent reactions, biro lang po:)

  6. Hi, you are welcome to text or call me and we can talk about this in more detail if you like. Just email me and I’ll give you my number.

    It sounds like there are two serious issues which you should consider: 1. this person is twice your age 2. he is divorced. My primary advice would be DON’T INGORE THESE CONCERNS. It does not mean you are judgemental if you choose to marry someone who is completely single.

    I am guessing you are fairly young. Why get into a relationship with a much older man who is divorced? You tell me you have many suitors–don’t you think that eventually you will meet one who has the qualities you want?

    PLEASE DO NOT DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM RIGHT NOW. Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” If you spend a lot of time with him you will become emotionally involved. Tell him not to call or text until you have decided.

    I’m not sure what you are looking for, but DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN GOD’S BEST. I think you should be more patient and wait. Find “Mr three out of three!”

    Again, there may be circumstances that I do not know about. I am just deeply concerned that you are heading for a bad situation.

  7. Tell him you need some space and you want to think about the relationship. If he cares for you he will respect your decision.

  8. Kuya is it possible na mafall in love to someone who is far from you?

    You should NEVER get too emotionally involved with someone you have not met in person. You simply do not know him/her unless you have met in person. (Your comment to an anonymous).

    i met the guy and i think he is nice but the problem is, we dont have that much of time to see each other and he live somewhere else na malayo sa akin.

  9. If you have met him in person and spent time with him, then maybe it is true love. You simply have to be realistic in your expectations regarding this relationship–if he is far away, this will strain the relationship. Can it work? Maybe, but only if you are both committed to work through this distance problem. If this distance “thing” is permanent, it will be very difficult to keep the relationship going.

  10. Ok thanks Kuya.

  11. what if you never heard about Jesus? and yet you have a pure kind heart, you help others people, and you dont do bad things on them, but its just you live in a place or country that do not know anything about Christianity ..___??

  12. I believe that Jesus is the only way for salvation (John 14:6). I believe God calls us to share the gospel to all peoples instead of speculating about what happens if we don’t.

  13. but it is true that there are people who never heard about Jesus?
    some of them died, does the bible do not tells what will be their fate?

  14. I don’t think that the Bible gives us a clear-cut answer on this (though some would disagree with me). All I know is that 1) We should do everything in our power to fulfill the great commission 2) We can trust God to do what is right.

    Sorry if my answer does not satisfy you, but I’ll go back to what I said earlier: my job is not to speculate on what will happen to those who do not hear–instead, I choose to focus on making sure everyone does hear.

  15. is it really true that the bible dont give a clear cut answer?

  16. The Bible emphasizes sharing with those who haven’t heard–not speculating about their fate.

  17. speculating? okay, i will change my
    question, does the bible didnt mention about what might happen for those who doesnt heard about Jesus,
    the gospels, or about Christianity, and laws.. but in their heart they are kind, helping people, or they doing what the laws imply in their heart..
    or simly you just dont know the answer? or you havent read it yet?

  18. I have answered your question, both here and on another forum. I’ve already told you that I’ve read the whole Bible. If you have further questions, email me. If you have some point or agenda, just say it. Napuno na ako.

  19. I’ll try one more time to make this plain. The only way one can be assured of salvation is through Jesus Christ.

    What happens to those who never hear? They are not assured of salvation because of good works–good works do not get us into heaven (Ephesians 2:8-9).

    This is why I keep telling you that I choose not to speculate on this issue. I would rather spend my energy preaching the gospel and making sure everyone does hear.

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